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We Are Still Nine, 2022

A different kind of growth...

I am elated to share that my daughter, Daphne Welsh, has answered the call to birth work. She has started her own practice as a doula and is joining Mountain Time Midwifery as an assistant and the "Wellness" part of our name! She is passionate about reproductive health and she is working toward her Fertility Awareness Educator Certification.

Is midwifery on the horizon for her, too? We shall see...

She could end up being a midwife for the babies we are welcoming into the world today.

Baby Tessa has definitely grown! We celebrated her first birthday in September. She's walking and starting to talk in English, Tagalog, and knows some basic signs. I never could have imagined the overwhelming love that is being a grandparent.

Our family spent a lot of time this year traveling, wandering, enjoying the wonders of our world, and being together. Sunday dinners are the highlight of my week. I am so proud of every one of these humans.

There is nothing better than being surrounded by the future.


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