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Providing holistic, individualized care throughout the childbearing years.


Rose Moon Midwifery

Homebirth, Midwife, Doula, Salt Lake City, Utah
Mountain Time, Midwife, Homebirth, Utah

Tradition. Community. Respect.


Pregnancy, birth, homebirth, midwife, waterbirth, baby, postpartum
Pregnancy, birth, homebirth, midwife, waterbirth, baby, postpartum

I’m Amanda Counter, a midwife based in Salt Lake City and the proud owner of Mountain Time Midwifery & Wellness. Our mission is to cultivate a sense of community, respect, and empowerment throughout your childbearing journey.


                      A midwife is a trained, holistic, primary healthcare professional. Doulas

   offer education, guidance, physical and  emotional support. Together we offer

       well-care, natural family planning education, comprehensive prenatal care,

              attend births, and provide postpartum and newborn care. We provide

                    evidence-based, compassionate health care services based on the

                        Midwives Model of Care in the tradition of  healers, wise women and

                             village elders.

                                           As long-time Utah residents we understand the reproductive healthcare needs of local communities. Your care creates an opportunity for connection and whether we serve you as a doula or as a midwife, you become family.

                           Midwifery care is not one-size fits all.

Your care is personalized to meet your specific needs and circumstances. We honor and respect your knowledge and intuition, as well as the hopes and dreams you have for your experience.

We believe everyone has the right to informed, respectful care.

Pregnancy, birth, homebirth, midwife, waterbirth, baby, postpartum

Mountain Time Midwifery & Wellness offers personalized

preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and well-care services.

We are experienced VBAC providers.

Consultations are always free. 

We can't wait to meet you!

Utah, birth, homebirth, midwife, baby, family
Doula, homebirth, waterbirth, midwife, Utah
Utah, birth, homebirth, waterbirth, midwife

Birth is an opportunity to transcend.
To rise above what we are accustomed to, reach deeper inside ourselves
than we are familiar with, and to see not onlywhat we are truly made of,
but the strength we can access in and through birth.

-Marcie Macari

Amanda was so thoughtful and patient with us. (My toddler was a big fan of all of her exciting equipment). Birth went great, she was super respectful of all our wishes, was very present and empathetic, was involved the perfect amount. As helpful as could be but still left us to have special moments to ourselves. She lives in our neighborhood and made it clear that I could always reach out and she would pop by to make sure everything was ok. I would recommend her to anyone. Such a calming presence who really knows her stuff but respects boundaries. Loved every moment of our time with her and the team.


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